Protect the Right to Bear Arms

John Wray is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment because he believes that our liberty’s preservation is dependent upon the right to bear arms. John will tirelessly fight any effort by government to take away this essential Constitutional right. John is a member of the Texas State Rifle Association, and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association.

Defend Private Property Rights

Buying a home or land is such a big part of the American Dream. For most of us, it will be the largest investment of our lives – which is why John is an ardent defender of property rights. John uses his legal expertise to protect landowners and taxpayers. He has successfully beaten back greedy taxing authorities and even the liberal San Antonio Court of Appeals from reaching deep into the pockets of hard-working Ellis County residents.

Protect Life

John is pro-life. His faith taught him to cherish life – born or unborn. As our State Representative, John will always do everything he can to protect life because he believes that even in the most tragic circumstance there is always a positive alternative.

Create Jobs

You can’t do more with less. That’s why John believes small businesses need more freedom from government regulations, so the free-market can produce its maximum output, and grow our economy. A successful small-business owner, John knows the pressures of making payroll under unnecessary regulations and job-killing federal programs like Obamacare. John knows what it takes to create jobs.

Public Education 

Education is a top priority for Texas. John Wray’s daughter attends our local public school system and he is committed to providing the best environment for student learning. He believes we must create a system that hires and rewards the best teachers, and empowers parents and schools with more local control and fewer state mandates. By making sure we have the best teachers and more innovative freedom, we will ensure that our students get a truly excellent education.

Stop Obamacare

Obamacare is not just a threat to our healthcare; it is the single most damaging government program our economy faces today. John is committed to stopping Obamacare’s implementation in Texas and protecting our small businesses from more job-killing government regulation.

Lower Taxes

John believes that by cutting the franchise tax and making the cuts permanent, we will put more money into the pockets of job creators and keep Texas the number one state in the country for job creation.

Stop Illegal Immigration

John believes that regaining control of our border has never been more important and that Texas must hold companies responsible for hiring illegal immigrants and providing a haven for law-breakers. We must expect all residents and immigrants to follow the rule of law to become legal citizens of the United States.

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